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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Nowhere in the world do more olive trees grow or produce so many good extra virgin olive oils as in our territory. It can be said that Andalusia and extra virgin olive oil are inseparably linked. There is a whole millenary culture around the olive grove.

Extra virgin olive oil is an essential element of the Mediterranean diet, due to its organoleptic characteristics and its health benefits. Today, a great interest in extra virgin olive oil has been aroused worldwide, thanks to the universal recognition of its beneficial properties for health and for being a fundamental component of the Mediterranean diet. Its daily consumption prevents cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cholesterol problems, among many other ailments. It is also shown to delay the effects of aging.

We work with different oil suppliers to satisfy different needs. From complete cisterns to the most exclusive glass formats. We also offer the possibility of creating your own white label.

The extension of the eight Andalusian provinces marked by climatic and orographic differences favors the existence of a wide variety of oils, each with its own personality. Discover them!



Andalusia has an ancient tradition in the cultivation of the vine and in the production of wines of great prestige and fame throughout the world. Some of the oldest vineyards in Spain are located on the Andalusian coast.

The topography, geology and climate of Andalusian floor are excellent for the cultivation of vines. The Mediterranean climate and the different microclimates, the mild average temperatures (16ºC), the scarcity of frost and hail, the many hours of sunshine per year, a strong contrast in altitude and the ageing system, create wines of great quality, as well as being very varied and characteristic.

This trend towards prestige production has been perpetuated to the present day. Over 70% of Andalusian vineyards are protected by one of the six Denominations of Origin established and sponsored by their respective Regulating Councils: Condado de Huelva (1933), Jerez-Xérès-Sherry (1933), Manzanilla de Sanlúcar (1964), Málaga (1933), Sierras de Málaga (2001) and Montilla-Moriles (1985).

Around all these wines a whole Culture of Wine has been configured, which includes wineries, specialized museums, traditional festivals…


Ham from Andalusia, Iberian or Serrano, is the star product of Spanish gastronomy. The Andalusian ham falls in love and fascinates those who try it, it is the most international, the most desired, the one that accompanies or stands out in a good table, its presence always pleases even the most exclusive and demanding palates.

The quality of Andalusian sausages is certified and accredited by regulatory bodies of the three prestigious Designations of Origin in Andalusia and the rigorous controls established by other international certifications, which highlight the ham as a healthy food and recommend it for its undeniable properties and attributes.

An exciting world that begins in the diverse Andalusian countryside, in the dehesas, and which is subject to exhaustive controls of all the processes, from the selection of race, purity, feeding, habitat and breeding of the pig to the elaboration and conservation of the product, respecting tradition, reflected in its traceability and labelling that informs and guarantees the quality of the ham of our land.

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