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Valle Mágina


Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Picual Variety. D. O. P. Sierra Mágina. Harvested in November.

Valle Mágina comes from medium ripe Picual variety olives (late November) and is characterised by its intense fruity flavour and great stability, due to the high content of provitamins, polyphenols and other antioxidants.

The low malaxation temperature (under 27ºC) renders an oil with an intense aroma, multiple sensations of freshness and a perfect balance between its fuity, bitter and spicy flavours, combined with an irreprochable organoleptic profile. The designation of Origin Sierra Mágina is a guarantee of origin and quality.


Organoleptic and sensory properties:

Golden yellow with olive green sparkles, crisp and bright to the eye. The nose renders notes of fresh fruit with hints of tomate, herb and fig. Unctuous entry, moderate bitterness and smooth passage with a pleasant round finish.



  • Dorica Bottle 250ml. x 12. Price/Unit: 2,10€. Carton/Pallet: 70
  • Dorica Bottle 500ml. x 12. Price/Unit: 3,10€. Carton/Pallet: 90
  • Dorica Bottle 750ml. x 12. Price/Unit: 4,10€. Carton/Pallet: 56
  • Amphora Bottle 500ml. x 12. Price/Unit: 3,75€. Carton/Pallet: 40
  • Pet Container 2L x 8. Price/Unit: 7,8€. Carton/Pallet: 32

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