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Oliver Petit Gourmet


Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Special por infants.

“Oliver Petit Gourmet” is the first Extra Virgin Olive Oil specially designed and develped for consuption during childhood.

With a sweet aroma and flavour, rich in witamin E and natural antioxidants, Oliver Petit Gourmet is packaged in a practical 250ml container designed to fully guarantee safety and hygiene.

Each press of its no-drip dispenser pump yields exactly 2ml of oil, wich is useful for parents who cant to control the amount of oil in their children´s diets.


Organoleptic and sensory properties:

Intense green. Cream aroma of apple and fresh fruit, notes of freshly cut grass. Sweet and fluid on the palate, very harmonious. Pleasant and delicate aftertaste.



  • PET with vacuum pump dispenser 250ml. x 12. Price/Unit: 3,50€. Cartons/Pallet 126.

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