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Dominus Early Harvest


Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Picual Variety.  D. O. P. Sierra Mágina. Internationally awarded. First day of harvest, October.


Its organoleptic uniqueness comes from selecting the best terrains from our olive grove for harvesting the fruits in a state of early ripeness in mid-October, which are then milled at a very low temperature (below 20ºC). Doing so ensures a balanced profile of great freshness and harmony, with a power and complexity of aromas that make it truly unique.

Since its launch in 2013, the “Dominus Early Harvest” brand has been among the 10 most awarded extra virgin olive oils internationally.


Organoleptic and sensory properties:

Herbaceous green nuances, the intensity of this oil´s fruity bouquet is complex and harmonious with deep hints of almond. The breadth of its aroma begins in the tomato plant and turns towards the green banana peel, with nuances of wild flowers. Thyme and rosemary appear in the background.

A smooth mouth entrance, suggesting freshness, lightness and elegance that express the presence of aromatic plants and raw nuts. After tasting, the palate is imbued with a deep sensation of freshness with light touches of green almond.



  • 250ml Bordeaux Bottle. x 12 Price/Unit 3,85€. Carton/Pallet 108
  • 500ml Bordeaux Bottle. x 6 Price/Unit 6,60€. Carton/Pallet 145

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