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Dominus Acebuche


Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Wild Acebuchina olive variety. Harvested by hand. Limited edition 977 liters.

Dominus Acebuche is manually harvested with a hand-picking system on the trees originating from wild olive trees that are born spontaneously raised without any further cultivation on our part, at the hilltops of Sierra Mágina, Jaén, Andalucía.

A haven surrounded by a protected forest area boasting wild aromatic plants such as thyme and rosemary, these wild olive trees develop perfectly acclimated to the mountainous environment and yield an oil with delicate sweet and floral organoleptic notes, integrated into an extremely intense organoleptic profile that is fresh and harmonious.


Organoleptic and sensory properties:

Powerful, wild, untamed and yet, sweet and delicate, a true reflection of what wild nature means in its purest form.

Oil with a deep nose, intense green aromas, and a long-lasting fresch and persistent afteraste. Secondary aromas express wild nuances enhanced by artichokes, raw acorns, and tomato plants. Remarkable mid-palate, where bitter and spicy compete in maximum harmony.



  • 250 ml Doric Bottle. x 12€. Price/Unit: 9€.




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