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From prehistory to the present day saffron, also known as Red Gold, has been cultivated and consumed by hundreds of civilizations. Now, recovering the Andalusian tradition, Azafrán del oasis brings you a unique product grown in the Granada highlands that will delight the most demanding palates.

The quality of saffron, for food use, is based mainly on its coloring power and is reflected in the power of its flavor and aroma. This indicator is the so-called crocin, the carotenoid responsible for the reddish color of the flower stigmas.

The Saffron from the Oasis, thanks to its unique location and its cultivation and harvesting processes, as well as the conservation treatment once it has been packaged, guarantees crocin indices of over 240, guaranteeing a superior quality of the product that places it among the best of the world.

* The product contains Quality Analysis that can be provided.

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