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Muscatel of Alexandria. D. O. Málaga.

This wine is harvested with mules on the precipicius slopes of the wineyard.

Elaboration: The grapes of selected vines are allowed a gentle exposure to the sun to generate the sugars necessary for the wine-making.

Only “Mosto Lágrima” (a wine “must” prepared on the day of harvesting) is used. After filtering the Must, it is fortidied with 8% alcohol which promotes a slow and complex fermentation.

After 49 days when the wine has reached 15% alcohol, the wine is chilled to end fermentation.

Tasting notes:

  • Variety: Muscatel of Alexandria.
  • Appearance: colour, a brilliant, straw yellow.
  • Aroma: Intense with traces of tropical fruits, all with a gentle, fresh acidity.
  • Palate: a well rounded and finished wine. Savoury and memorable.
  • To acocompany: The wine is ideal to accompany foi-gras, cheeses and a diversity of deserts and ices.

*Limited edition: 2.000 bottles.

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