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Huerta Los Caños

Ecological AOVE

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Early Harvest.

From the heart of the Sierra Mágina Natural Park, the Monva family, with a long olive oil tradition, launches its first Ultra-premium Extra Virgin Oil, from organic farming. As a tribute to its 111th anniversary.

The harvesting of its fruit is carried out at the end of October, when the olives are at an early maturity point, following the manual shaking and milking system, maximizing their yield during transfer to the oil mill for extraction in cold to 20ºC.

The new “Huertos de Caños” is a complex oil with fruity defined in a palette of aromas in green tones, in which the records of tomato plant, green banana peel and raw artichoke differ. In the mouth, its rotundity, bitterness and spicy dominant and perfectly assembled stand out, which allow the sweet to appear, and which are paired with the green nuances of race in olive leaf. With a long and prolonged finish, it is its balsamic sensation that lasts over time.


  • Glass container 500ml Price/Unit: 12€.

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