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High quality and ecological Andalusian Products

European Market

Stable business relationships

The company

We export products from Andalusia, Spain. These products stand out for their high quality and mostly ecological production processes. We are born in a difficult economic and social moment, caused by the COVID-19 that has meant an economic setback for our region. Given the temporary closure of the HORECA channel, and the current limitations, we want to offer our customers the possibility of opening a new sales channel, export. And also, to bring our magnificent products to other countries that, for sure, know how to value.

We have decided to focus our trade efforts on the European market, because of the ease of trade within the European Union. In particular, we have set our sights on the Nordic countries, because we value their culture for trade relations. Besides a high purchasing power and a continuous economic growth, they are looking for a quality, natural, ecological and sustainable product.

Our goal is to promote stable, long-lasting and profitable business relationships for both parties..

What do we do?


We analyze with our clients, together, the products, the price and the most interesting formats to export according to the country of destination.

Export promotion

 We carry out representation of various andalusian companies in international fairs, trade missions and business rounds either in the country and abroad.

Commercial Strategy

We perform the search for foreign buyers at the retail channel, gourmet shops, importers, delicatessen food distributors, customers specialized in organic products and superfoods from all over Europe.

Long-term relationships

We initiate contacts, promotions and sales in the most interesting markets to establish lasting relationships.

Our products

Andalusia, our land

Andalusia is one of the few areas in the world where you can enjoy a spectacular diversity of culinary products from its lands and seas.

It is privileged for the variety of its ecosystems: seas, mountains, deserts, meadows, countryside, meadows, vegetable gardens, rivers, banks, marshes and forests; the different types of climate found in these environments, from subtropical to desert, including high mountain and Mediterranean.

The hours of sunlight,  it different types of land, the cultural legacy of the civilizations, the tradition, imagination and creativity of its people; innovation and the technological vanguard make Andalusia the Great Pantry of Europe.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Iberian sausage

Other products

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